Vibrant City Center
National Register Historic Downtown District. Historic Landmark Opera House. 充满活力的餐厅 & 零售场景.

Rooted in Innovation
$150+ million invested by 食物 & ag companies in business expansion & 技术. Ag & 食物 tech innovation incubator.

肥沃的农田. 7 miles from UC Davis. 10 miles from Sacramento International Airport. 访问 to major highways, railways & 附近的港口.

Leading the way in 食物 and agricultural responsibility

Woodland has shaped the future of 食物 and agriculture for over a century. 今天, our diverse and growing 食物 and agriculture economy is thriving with partners engaged from all facets of the 食物 system from family owned farms and 食物 processors to world-leading seed 研究 and agri食物 tech companies.

Our 食物 and agriculture industry, celebrated through 的 食物方面 倡议, drives economic activity through its fertile farmland, seed 研究 and 技术, 食物 producers and processors, farm-to-fork restaurants and proximity to world-leading 研究 at UC Davis.

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的 construction of a new Innovation Hub specializing in emerging agricultural technologies and related 研究 in energy, 运输, environmental and health sciences is underway in the 林地之城.

的 350-acre Woodland Research & 科技nology Park will provide over 2 million square feet of office, 研究, light industrial/manufacturing and incubator/flex space in a dynamic “work-live-play” environment. Companies located in the 科技园区 will have the advantage of:

  • immediate proximity to prime farmland for 研究 and field trials,
  • talent and 研究 of UC Davis, just 7 miles away, and
  • diverse mobility and transport options including the Sacramento International Airport (11 miles east), 主要的高速公路, rail and deep sea ports within the County.

科技园区, anticipated to break ground in the next two years, is a natural progression of the City’s long history of innovation and creativity in health, 食物, and agricultural productivity.

It’s not everyday you find a place that feels like home. # WeAreWoodland

A thriving downtown and an accessible housing market make Woodland a hotspot for families within this emerging regional entertainment destination. Woodland offers a mix of housing options, from single-family homes to historic Victorian estates to modern downtown lofts. Woodland’s Historic Downtown has seen many of its historic buildings renovated and given new life including its 1950’s era 900-seat movie cinema which today serves craft beer, local wines and features luxury recliners in its giant screen theater.



AgStart is a non-profit startup incubator for ag & 食物 companies located in Downtown Woodland. AgStart provides entrepreneurs with the facilities they need to grow: co-working space, 会议室, 专门的办公室, the Yocha Dehe Wet Lab and the Bayer Lifehub California@AgStart (wet lab benches and shared lab equipment) and Raley’s 食物 Lab (a commercial-grade kitchen).

Pacific Coast Producers

Agriculture Cooperative
From Field to Can in Less Than Four Hours. Pacific Coast Producers is an agricultural cooperative collectively owned by family farms. At home in Woodland since 2002, the tomato operation processes over 8,000 tons of product a day from 14 local growers, making it the world’s largest tomato canning plant.


Specialty Honey Producer
Family Owned and Pollinator Friendly. Z专业 sources its honey largely from California and produces over 30 varietal honeys and its bulk packaged honey is used by almost every restaurant in the Greater Sacramento area.


食物 & 亚博

Manufacturing/ Construction



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